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Building Industry Document Solutions Ltd

The cost of producing manuals 'in house' is difficult to calculate, needless to say it can be expensive in terms of time & energy. The last thing you want your project manager to be doing is chasing sub-contractors for their operating and maintenance manuals at the eleventh hour before the health & safety file is due for handover.

In addition, clients and their professional team now find that 'non production' of the health & safety file or operating and maintenance manuals is cause for not granting Practical Completion. This alone is expensive as retention will not be released until PC is granted.

BIDS (UK) will offer a fixed price, not to exceed cost for the production of the health & safety / operating & maintenance manuals. We will assess the project, the number of contractors etc and will give a fixed price quotation for the works.

Our costs are extremely competitive - and we'd love to give you a no obligation quotation for your requirement.
For further information please contact us.